Cocktails & Confessions Podcast

“Everybody Wants to F*** Me”

May 30, 2020

In an episode all about confidence, Anthony Gilét (@GiletSlays) and Mark-Ashley Dupé (MarkAshleyD) talk about what NOT to do when bumping into an ex, tips to build your sexual confidence and reveal their biggest insecurities in the bedroom. 

Cocktails & Confessions (@cocktailsconfessions) is an unfiltered LGBTQ chat show about dating, sex, scandals, and current affairs. Tune in as hosts Anthony Gilét (@GiletSlays), Mark-Ashley Dupé (@MarkAshleyD), Dani St.James (@Danistjames) and Darren 'Swan' (@swanswagga) divulge their horrific dating stories, weigh-in on reader problems and sound-off on

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